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2020 Season Info

Hi Boyd’s Family!

First and foremost, we hope everyone seeing this is safe and healthy!

We’ve received calls, emails, and FB messages regarding our 2020 season and we want to reassure everyone that at this time we are not canceling our 2020 season. Unfortunately, we are going to have to delay our opening and will not be able to welcome guests to the resort during May as we have done for 124 years.

For our guests that visit us in May, Mary is sending out a letter with more information on this and will be in the office ready to take phone calls and help with reservations for 2021.

At this time, we are unsure of our ability to open in June, but we will keep everyone updated as we continue to listen to advice regarding COVID19 from medical professionals and safety restrictions implemented on national, state, and local levels.

We understand how special Boyd’s is for our guests and that it’s truly a home away from home. Home is a place of both heart and family, and you are all our family. While most guests know the families that share their week (or weeks if they come up more often), it is our privilege to know all of you. At this time, it is also our responsibility to worry for you and put your safety first. Many of our guests are in the demographic that is most susceptible to COVID19, and we absolutely cannot stand the thought of something happening to any one of our Boyd’s family as the result of us rushing to open.

We have discussed options like partially opening, using limited cabins, curbside pick-up, not providing daily housekeeping, etc, but as the conversations around those options get more in depth we seem to be traveling down an endless rabbit hole that always ends in putting our staff and guests at risk. Many of our staff is either dangerously susceptible to COVID19, or they go home and take care of someone who is. We also work with local grocery stores, feed stores, bait shops, etc., all of which are staffed by community members whose health and safety we are very eager to protect.

There are a lot of theories and models floating around about COVID19 right now, but the one thing that we can all agree on is that the virus is spread by the movement of people. So, we are trying to be ethical and responsible regarding our opening and not facilitating the spread of COVID19.

As this situation continues to develop, we will continue to keep everyone informed regarding our opening and any other changes we may have to make as a result of COVID19.

These truly are unprecedented times, and while it breaks our hearts to delay our opening, when we look back on this, we want to be able to remember that we acted as ethically and responsibly as possible for our family, friends, and community.

Please stay safe everyone!

Much Love,
Your Boyd’s Family